Deep Clean Cleaning Services in Greater Belfast

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What is a deep clean?

Regular cleaning keeps places in good order but occasionally a deeper clean is needed with stronger products, especially within areas of heavy use such as offices, schools and other public areas or after an event like a wedding. A deep clean is idea to eliminates deep, ground-in dirt and mould that can accumulate over time, restoring your property back to it's former glory. 

From squat clearances to crime scenes, from hoarding clearance to needle removal. Our trained technicians have dealt with more extreme circumstances. 

Each deep clean will cover every single aspect of your premises, including floor treatments, oven cleaning and anything else within your building. Our technicians will leave your premises in pristine condition, sanitising and cleaning each surface to meet the highest hygiene standards.

As a locally based company, we can respond quickly to an emergency situation and provide a prompt, efficient service.

We are also experienced in extreme filth and grime management and carry specialist equipment to deal with every clear-up situation from extreme hoarding to Crime Scene clear up.

In Need of a Deep Clean?

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